Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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Wedding Cakes


Buttercream iced Wedding Cakes start at $4.00 per serving.

Fondant covered Wedding Cakes start at $5.50 per serving. 


Flowers and non-edible items are not included.

A Wedding Cake Serving Is 1″ x 2″ x 4″ x 5” 

Base price includes a basic beaded boarder. Per serving cost may increase depending upon the amount of artwork involved /monograms /fondant bows, bands and so on. Cakes serving 75 or more; the bride and groom receive a free anniversary cake! Sorry venue cake packages do not receive a free anniversary cake. If you would like to purchase an anniversary cake we keep them at a low cost of $20.00 (first year only)

Wedding cupcakes start at $2.50 per cupcake, for regular size cc (ordered by dozen), $1.50 per cupcake, for minis (ordered in 24’s) and jumbo’s $4.00 per cupcake. Top tiers for cupcake towers not offered free as they are budget priced already.


 NOTE: After a contract is signed by both parties; all/any changes to the contract must be given verbally (phone call) AND  in writing with clear details/description of any and all changes or Cake & Bake, LLC is not responsible for any misunderstandings not noted. (NO verbal agreements/changes, even if you had called to notify bakery of changes).

Party Cakes


Tiered party cakes:
Start at $3.50 per slice for buttercream​ and $4.50 per slice for fondant. All custom cake orders have a minimum of $75.00, price will depends on the final design. We provide wide variety of custom cakes for birthday’s, baby showers, ​corporate events, anniversary’s, sweet 16, gender reveal, Quinceaneras,  Bar mitzvah and much more.  Let us make your cake as special as your event.

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2D + 3D Cakes


2D cakes start at $150.00, pricing depends on artwork and details requested. 

An average 3D cake starts at $300.00, these cakes require a great deal of time and skill so the cost is reflective, to give that “True WOW factor.”  (Price is butter cream frosting)  Car cakes and more involved cakes start at $500.00

Faux Cakes


Faux Cakes: Start at $3.00 a slice, final pricing depends on the final design.

Why a faux cake? Sometimes our customers want a large cake, but do not need all of the real cake servings. Your faux cake(s) will match the same design and decor as the real cake. Your guests will never know the difference between your real cake and the faux cake. 

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Rental Equipment


We have several beautiful silver, gold and other cake stands as well as different cupcake towers available to you. Cake/cupcake stand rentals are available starting at $35 with a $250 deposit required. Cake stands and cupcake stands are limited, so reserve your stand as soon as you can. We don’t promise reserve a style of cake stand, we will do our best to provide the cake stand of prefer. The client booking the rental is responsible for returning the item in the same order it was received within four days after their event. If rentals are not returned the deposit check or your credit card will be charged for the $250 replacement fee. If you go on our Facebook page you can see some of the equipment available.

​If you prefer to have ribbon, etc. on/in your cake, it’s your responsibility to have the cake items at the shop one week prior to your event.

NOTE: After a contract is signed by both parties; all/any changes to the contract must be given verbally (phone call) AND  in writing with clear details/description of any and all changes or Cake & Bake, LLC is not responsible for any misunderstandings not noted. (NO verbal agreements/changes, even if you had called to notify bakery of changes).

Flowers & Cake Items

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We will only place fresh flowers on your cake; if the flowers are on the cake table; otherwise the florist or the customer is responsible to place the flowers on the cake.  The customer or florist is responsible for any preparation of the flowers, we only place them as a courtesy to our customer. We have no responsibilities for the flowers. All cake items that are for cake décor, must be on the table when delivered, otherwise customer will be responsible for applying items to the cake.

Please check with your florist on which flowers/etc. are not permitted on the cake, etc. because of toxics chemicals/oils given off the greens/flowers.  

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FREE delivery to Davenport and Haines City


Minimum delivery charge starts at $40.00 Delivery charges are based on mileage and time.

Some Delivery Charges are as followed:

All deliveries start at $40.00.    Downtown Orlando: $50,  East or West Orlando: $50 to $60,   

Alt. Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary $60.00, Lakeland: $50-$60, Winter Haven: $40  


Davenport Area: $free,  Winter Garden: $50, Winter Springs: $70

NOTE: Once your cake leaves the shop or after delivery; the customer/person picking up the cake is fully responsible for the cake. Cake & Bake  will not refund any money for any reason once the cake has left the shop or after delivery. If you need repair to your cake(s) there will be an additional charge. Please take into consideration on which vehicle to use when picking-up your cake and you will need a flat/uncluttered surface. If you want your cake to make it home in one piece; drive like you have a new born baby in the vehicle.




We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, money order, CashApp, Venmo and Apple Pay.

Any orders less than $150.00 must be paid in full at the time of ordering. Orders over $150 require a 35% deposit when placing the order. Final balance is due two weeks before your event date. If final payment is not made your order will be canceled. All payments that are made non-refundable!

 We require a two weeks notice of party cake cancellations; otherwise full-payment is still due. Wedding cake fall under different standards, since we withhold dates from other customers. All payments are non-refundable!

There is a service fee on all returned checks of $35.00 (ex:NSF).  If you have any questions regarding payments please call: 407-922-2103. There are NO refunds on any/all payments made/for any reason, please make sure you are sure about what you are ordering.



Tastings/Consultations are appointment only. Wedding Cakes can be ordered as early as you wish. Join us for a FREE tasting/consultation to discuss flavors, designs and pricing. We have tastings Tuesday-Thursday by appointment 10am-pm.


Can't make it in no big deal. We are now offering wedding cake tastings to your door/mail box. Tuesday is our shipping day for tasting. If we mail the tasting to you you would reserve the tasting with in 1-3 days. Once you receive your tasting we will schedule a virtual consultation 😍. Mailed tastings are $12.00. 

At/In your tasting you’ll receive 8-11 different cake flavors and fillings. The tasting is our standard tasting that everyone receives. We put most common flavors and popular flavors. If you would like to do an additional tasting with additional flavors, your 2nd tasting would be $25. You can schedule your for your free tasting/consultation by phone at 407-922-2103. 

To retain your Wedding date with us, a 35% NON-refundable deposit is required. You must email or stop in to make any changes needed to your cake, design, or flavors. All Wedding Cake orders must be finalized and paid in full one month in advance of your Wedding day. 

Party Cakes need to be ordered at least two/three weeks before your event as we bake your cakes fresh to order. Some exceptions may be made depending on the volume of business we have at that time. Giving us plenty of notice will give you the best results and options possible! We do suggest to order your cake as early as you can, there are times we stop taking orders on high volume busy weeks (sometimes months before).  Delivered party cakes need to be paid in full, three weeks before event.


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