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Cakes and Cupcake Flavors, Fillings and Icings!

Listed below are the most requested flavors; we do supply other flavors. 


Vanilla                                                                    Lemon Raspberry Swirl

Chocolate                                                              Champagne 

Marble                                                                    Maple 

Almond                                                                  Cherry Chip

Amaretto                                                               Cookies & Cream       

Red Velvet                                                             Peanut Butter (can do a strawberry filling)

Pina Colada                                                           Lemon

Chocolate Mint                                                     Pumpkin Spice

Citrus creamsicle                                                 Spice

Carrot Cake                                                           Banana Spice

Chocolate Hazelnut                                             Peanut Butter  (and Jelly)

Chocolate Chip                                                     Cinnamon Bun

Key Lime                                                                Neapolitan (three layers)

Snickerdoodle                                                       Lavender 

Lemon Poppy                                                       


Drunken Monkey ~ A traditional cake of your choice doused with either Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Rum, Flavored Schnapps or Whiskey. You bring the alcohol, we’ll make it great!   

Swirled - vanilla cake swirled with one of our fabulous fillings.


Vegan, Dairy Free, and Gluten Cakes are also available. 


White Buttercream                             Apricot                               Cream Cheese                             Chocolate Buttercream 

Chocolate Bavarian Cream               Orange Cream                  Vanilla Bavarian Cream              Coconut 

Peanut Butter Cream                         Cherry                                Lemon Curd                                 Key Lime (meringue)        

Chocolate or White Ganache            Raspberry                          Banana Cream                              Caramel

Guava                                                    Strawberry                         Blueberry                                      Apple Pie 

Cannoli  (additional cost)                  Cinnamon Apple               Chocolate/Vanilla Pudding        Chocolate Hazelnut 

Oreo                                                      Cream of DeMint               Mocha                ​                            Fudge


We can also add, chocolate chips, sprinkles, crushed cookies or candy to make your cake truly your own! 

Most fillings are included in the price of your cake; however, some fillings have an additional cost.



Fudge (additional Charge)                                      Chocolate Buttercream                                       White Buttercream        

Rolled Fondant (additional charge applies)         Chocolate Rolled Fondant (additional charge applies) 

Poured Chocolate Fudge (additional charge applies) 


All cakes are covered with white buttercream, unless you request a different icing. Do not include writing, if you would

like writing on the cake or cake board, please email us your request.